Services We Provide:

Business Structure Consulting with a focus on Asset Protection & Privacy Guidance.
International Transaction Consulting to assist clients in such matters as letters of credit, currency fluctuations, banking regulations, etc.
Global Business Tax Planning - taking advantage of jurisdictional rules and regulations as well as tax treaties that make it possible to operate in a low or no tax bracket.

We can also assist with:
-Airplane and Boat Registration
-Real estate transactions
-Escrow Fund Management
-Virtual Office Services
-Web Hosting, Domain Service & Email

Our Design Philosophy incorporates customized use of modular business structuring tools making it possible for us to provide low cost yet personalized legal and financial solutions to cover a wide range of possible situations.

Not every client is the same. Not every client needs the same solution. Our modular approach to business structures gives us the ability to match actual clients' needs to sometimes complex solutions in a clear and easy to understand format at a price that matches the needs and expectations of the clients.

Because of our experience and knowledge it is often possible to avoid "re-inventing" the wheel each time we provide a solution to a client, yet still be able to provide private and individual treatment that each client deserves.

Some "Package" Options for Business Structures:

  • US Limited Liability Company. An ideal package for a single non-resident individual or business entity looking to invest in most passive investments inside the USA, investing outside the USA with an eye to taking advantage of various Tax Treaties between the US and most other nations, and/or simply managing international business transactions in a tax friendly manner.

  • International Privacy Trust A very useful entity that can be used to enhance the asset protection, tax planning, and financial privacy of the other entities. Specifically, it is very handy to own the shares of other entities.

  • International Business Companies Sometimes it is important to have a non-US entity to form the basis for a business structure.

  • Download our Report "The United States as an Offshore Haven" for more information on how to benefit from business planning with a focus on asset protection, tax reduction, and financial privacy.

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