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Connex International Services LP

Connex International Services LP is an established consulting company with a long history of providing traditional business consulting services for its international clientele in a quiet and non-assuming manner. Privacy and Confidentiality are the pillars and primary focus of everything we do.

In order to insure that all communications with the firm are protected by the attorney-client privilege, a right to privacy that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and which gives the client the ability to honestly talk to his or her attorney without fear or distrust, we work only through licensed attorneys when working inside the United States of America. Each consultant of the firm views this obligation as his or her primary duty to the client and to the profession, for without trust and honesty, there can be no solution.


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Our unique approach gives our clients flexible cost effective solutions for a variety of situations.
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Our Consultants
  Alexander J. Hay III, Senior Associate, Houston, Texas

  Gael Chareille, Of Counsel, France

  Jesus Medrano, Of Counsel, Houston, Texas and Mexico

  Sandis Steins, Of Counsel, Riga, Latvia

  Stephen Thompson, Of Counsel, Belize City, Belize