The United States of America
The Number One Tax Haven in the World!

Most financial experts agree that the United States is a primary location for international business. The presence of good banks, advanced infrastructure, a consistent legal system and a stable government are all characteristics of the United States that are taken for granted.

However, many people do not realize the enormous tax benefits given to "non-resident aliens" making passive income in the United States, or earning income outside the United States and simply using the USA as their own personal "offshore tax haven."

The United States does not tax non-resident aliens for most interest income or dividend income derived from the United States. There is zero capital gains on profits from investments for non-resident aliens. There is zero tax on income earned outside the USA. Only active United States derived income is taxed. Also, various tax treaties give a United States company certain tax advantages when doing business outside the USA.

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  What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

  Can citizens and residents of the United Kingdom reduce their capital gains tax on appreciated property located inside the UK?

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